How a Macro Coach Can Help You Lose Fat, Build Muscle, and Maintain Your Current Phenomenon

Whether your goal is to lose fat, build muscle or both, macro coaching can help you get there. Macro coaching is a great option for anyone who wants to learn how to manage their nutrition effectively and sustainably.

However, tracking your food and hitting numbers blindly without support can lead to disordered eating patterns. Having a coach can help you avoid these patterns and make sure you are on track to reach your goals.

1. It tells you how much you need to eat.

If you want to lose weight, gain muscle or maintain your current physique, it's essential to get your macros and calories right. But calculating your own macros with an online calculator is only half the equation. The other half is understanding what your numbers mean and how to make adjustments based on your progress. That's where a professional coach comes in.

Macro Coach is an easy-to-use, comprehensive food logging app that provides near 1-on-1 macro coaching at a fraction of the cost. It uses an advanced expenditure estimate to continuously adjust and calibrate your calorie and macro targets to keep you on track to reach your goals. The result is a dynamic food plan that keeps you in control without the frustration of yo-yo dieting.

Most food loggers use a static calculation that only solves half of the CICO equation (calories in vs. calories out). But they don't account for changes in your energy needs from lifestyle, activity and weight or nutrition shifts. This results in inaccurate calorie intake estimates and frustrating plateaus. MacroFactor is the only food logging app that solves the entire CICO equation with a best-in-class expenditure estimate that constantly adapts to your changing needs.

A good coach will know how to read your nutrition stats, and understand how your body is responding to your efforts. They'll not only identify that you're low on protein but they'll also have a plan to help you increase your protein so you can continue to meet your goals.

In contrast, many people buy DIY macro programs that teach you how to calculate your initial macros, but they fail to teach you the science behind it or how to effectively adjust based on your progress. This is often the case for people who have advanced beyond basic healthy eating habits and are already tracking their macros in a more formal way, such as long distance runners, triathletes or Crossfit competitors.

A good macro coach is worth the investment, especially if you're tired of restrictive diet culture and want to learn how to eat for your specific needs in a sustainable, flexible way. It's important to be in the right mindset before hiring a macro coach though, and fully understand that it is up to you to put in the work to see the results you deserve!

2. It tells you what to eat.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle, or both, your macronutrient ratios need to be personalized. A good coach knows how to properly calculate the “right” macros for you based on your current body composition and goals. They will also provide multiple ways for you to track calories and macros, which gives you the flexibility, precision, and consistency that you need for success.

Taking the time to vet your next nutrition coach is key. Make sure they are well educated in macros, have coached clients with similar goals, and are giving sound advice that is scientifically backed.

A well-versed coach will also be able to answer questions and help you overcome challenges that come up. They will explain why a certain protein amount is important for you, how to make your current diet more effective, and help you break through plateaus. They will guide you through the journey of becoming a lifelong eater who is healthy, balanced and happy.

Many DIY programs give you your initial macros and then tell you to figure it all out on your own, which can be frustrating. You might be able to lose some weight in the beginning, but then hit a plateau and don’t know what to do. A good coach will help you navigate these hurdles, adjust your macros based on progress, and know when to move on if it’s not working for you anymore.

In addition to your personalized macro plan, you will receive a custom meal template that provides a day of food that meets your exact macro targets and dietary preferences. This will save you time and hassle when it comes to meal prep! You’ll also have unlimited support from your coach via email so you can ask any questions that arise along the way.

3. It tells you how much you need to exercise.

The amount of calories you need depends on your goals, such as losing weight, building muscle mass and size or maintaining body fat levels. It also depends on how much exercise you get each day. Having a clear understanding of what you should be eating to reach your goal is critical. Knowing this, you’ll be able to help your clients make better food choices by explaining how different types of foods contribute to their goals and why they should choose certain foods over others.

You can help your clients establish a sustainable calorie deficit or surplus depending on their goals. Learn how to calculate the “right” macronutrient ratios to optimize their health and fitness results. Understand how to track a wide variety of diets like vegan, vegetarian, keto and paleo. You’ll also learn how to address special situations your clients will inevitably face, such as eating out and vacation.

MacroFactor’s dynamic algorithm is the only software that adapts to your energy expenditure over time. This allows you to get evidence-based adjustments to your calorie intake and helps prevent plateauing. The software takes into account all the daily food and movement logs you submit so it can accurately calculate how many calories your body is burning.

The first thing you need to do to determine your target calorie intake is to calculate your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE). This is the number of calories your body burns per day to function normally and to meet basic needs. Then, once you know how many calories your body burns, you can subtract the amount of calories you’ve consumed to determine how much more you need to lose or gain weight. From there, you can create a custom nutrition plan and start tracking your food and workouts with Macro Coach! The process of creating a nutrition plan is incredibly easy with Macro Coach and you can do it yourself or you can join the community of coaches who use the platform to provide high-touch, low-cost group coaching for their clients.

4. It tells you how much you need to sleep.

Unlike online macro calculators, a coach will customize your daily macros to reflect your unique genetic makeup, goals, and lifestyle. They will also help you figure out how much sleep you need to stay on track with your goals, while regulating your circadian rhythm to make sleeping easier and waking up a joy (not a chore). Your coach will also help you navigate social situations, travel, meal prep, and any other challenges that may arise along the way.

Whether your goal is to lose fat, build muscle or both, macro coaching can help you get there. Macro coaching is a great option for anyone who wants to learn how to manage their nutrition effectively and sustainably. However, tracking your food and hitting numbers blindly without support can lead to disordered eating patterns. Having…